What Is A Normal TSH Level ?

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When you go for a thyroid diagnosis or screening, do you know what is a healthy TSH level ? Hypothyroidism may be a real problem, but are your diagnosticians fully aware of all the implications ? Read this article to find out some basic facts you will probably not find out from the medical industry.

Most Thyroid Tests Aren’t Accurate!

If you have had a family history of thyroid problems you have a good reason to be concerned about an incorrect TSH screening. It is very important to correctly interpret what is revealed in the test.
You should know that the “total T4″, “T7″, “total T3″, “T3 uptake”, “T3-by RIA” and FTI ( Free Thyroxine Index ) tests are not very reliable when it comes to determining the presence of hypothyroidism. A large majority of persons who truly have a problem with hypothyroidism are not discovered.

So…Which Tyroid Test Should I Choose?

The best test for measuring your TSH is the saliva test! Also, you can do a physical examination yourself to determine whether you have problems and is time for a test. This one is the easiest to do and you can do it yourself by just paying attention to your body. Usually, the symptoms are:

  • mood changes
  • eye brows are missing to the side
  • very thin hair (you can literally see through it)
  • very cold hands
  • heavy periods
  • constipation
  • fatigue
  • weight gain
  • forgetfulness

Most times women that do no get pregnant do not ovulate because they lack the tyroid hormone in their body.

Normal T3 and T4 Levels

If you have already taken one of the tests above that measure T3 or T4, here is an interpretation guide (as I said before, blood tests got problems and may not be relevant).
A normal T3 level is between 3-8. For T4, the range is 4-11.

If T3 and T4 levels are under 3, and 4, respectively, then your thyroid is sluggish (it’s not creating enough hormones for your body). In other words, you are dealing with hypothyroidism.

For those who have values above the normal ranges, it shows an overactive thyroid, also known as hyperthyroidism. The gland is making too much hormones.

Normal TSH Levels

The TSH levels should be at or below 2.0. If you have a level higher than 2.0 you are going to be one of those persons who have an increased risk of hypothyroidism. The tests mentioned above use levels of 4.0 together with the knowledge that the pituitary gland is hopefully already signalling the thyroid to increase its levels of hormone production. The pituitary gland is the “master” hormonal gland of the body, controlling the function of the other hormonal glands. It is apppropriately located in the middle of the brain. Hormones are important controllers of the functions of the body. If hormonal imbalances are suspected, there are many organic routes that can be taken to restore balance. Conventional drugs are usually not needed and their side effects can many times be worse on the body than the imbalance.

Many patients who have a level of 1.5 exhibit the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Clearly, new levels of reference are needed by conventional (alternative) medicine. If you are indeed getting a test, make sure to ask what are the normal values for TSH levels and if the answer is a number higher than 2.0, try to find a person with more experience.

If you do have hypothyroidism, you will need hormone replacement to get your hormone levels back to normal. Taking your replacements is a complicated process, and it is a long-term treatment (usually for the rest of your life). It will correct your problems, including the lack of energy, that results from a hormone imbalance.

How Test Results are Interpreted

Once your TSH levels are measured, the following table is used to interpret the results:

Interpretation of Test Results
TSH (high), T4 (normal), T3 (normal) = Mild Hypothyroidism
TSH (high), T4 (low), T3 (low/normal) = Hypothyroidism
TSH (low), T4 (normal), T3 (Normal) = Mild Hyperthyroidism
TSH (low), T4 (High/Normal), T3 (High/Normal) = Hyperthyroidism
TSH (low), T4 (low/normal), T3 (low/normal) = Non-thyroidal illness or rare pituitary hypothyroidism

A piece of advice…Do Not Stop Here!

Do additional tests to make sure you do not have other issues with your thyroid. Generally, if the doctors find something, they must do additional test for other hypothyroid disorders at play. If they don’t, it is your responsibility to take action. Graves disease is an auto immune disorder that has devastating effects and it goes beyond just a low T3 and T4 level. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is another disease that consists of symptoms of both hypothyroidism and also hyperthyroidism.

Useful Resources

Medsipo.com – Online Lab Tests Interpreter


Here is a video explaining what is TSH. It also includes a short guide on how to read your results.

This is the best video on interpreting tyroid results, although it is a bit longer (15 minutes), but it contains all the info you need and more.

The video below was made by dr. David Schiller who explains why your thyroid symptoms persist although you have normal lab values

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  1. sowmyashree says:

    i just want to know about my tsh level is normal or not which is screened as L 0.28 .
    thank you

  2. i had been for a lab test, it revels that the TSH level is 8.5. what does it indicate. please reply

  3. wendy paris says:

    My TSH level is 4.51 what would that make me?, and should I exercise or not? Will my muscles still respond properly to exercise?, or should I level out first? I do a 1 hour 2 mile walk everyday with weights and some cardio.

  4. Kim Robinson says:

    I had a thyroidectomy last July 2009. Since then it has been a struggle with various mg. of synthroid to get my body feeling normal. I just had more lab tests which revealed my levels are at a 6.0 The nurse stated I was hypothyroid and she would need to increase my synthroid. I went from taking 1mg to .5 mg now what? I am always tired, achy and very moody. What are some suggestions of things I can do on my own to feel better?

    MY NICE HAS 11.2 U/ML

  6. my TSH level is 4.5 is it normal?

  7. Hi, what will be the case as my T3, T4 is in normal range but TSH is 8.5 U/ML. please suggest what to do & if there is something related to diet that can bring me to the normal range.

  8. hi, my t3,t4 levels being normal i have a little increased level of tsh thats, 5.2. what is now required to be done? i have gained 7kgs of weight in 2months and i’m facing the problem of swelling and pain in my legs, feet, and sometimes in hands. please do let me know the necessary measures.

  9. hi, my t3 and t4 lvels being normal, i have a little raised tsh i.e. 5.2. what di i need to do? i am facing the problem of swelling in my legs, hands and feet and pain in my feet and legs while walking.Is this a normal condition? if not what measures are required?

  10. I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an auto-immune disease that is a type of hypothyroidism). Last year my TSH level was 13, and I started on .25 mcg of Levothyroxine (the generic brand of Synthroid) for thyroid replacement therapy. Within a few months, my levels were down to around 3…. which I heard was supposed to be normal.

    Now, what is a normal level? Well, doctors debate about what is considered ‘normal’ for most hormones, it seems. Most doctors will say that the normal range for the TSH is 0.5 – 5.5. Some endocrinologists will say it is a much smaller range: 0.3 – 3.0. Since I am on a Kaiser plan, their current normal range is 0.320 – 5.500.

    Since I still had symptoms of hypothyroidism, I decided to take the next step and talk with an endocrinologist. What he told me was quite shocking to hear. The optimal level for the TSH is .5 – 1.5…. or really .5 – 1.0. That was so surprising to me. How many other people must be like me? Within the normal range but still dealing with the symptoms of a hormone imbalance!

    The endocrinologist I met with was a fantastic doctor. He upped my dosage, and I am so thrilled to say: I am finally feeling better. The symptoms are clearing up..


  11. I only started feeling better when my level became 0.3 otherwise it was all foggy and hard to concentrate sort of thing.

    Still other issues are present but they are more to do with adrenals rather than thyroid.

  12. Robert Watson says:

    I am currently being treated for Hypothyroidism and my TSH levels were around 3.5. Alot of the Hypothyroidism are symptom based. Someone with clearly no Thyroid Disorder should be around 1-2 on the scale. In 2003 the Endocrynology Community narrowed the values of the TSH levels to .5-3.0. So if you are over 3.0 you should be diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I am currently on 50mcg of Synthroid. Not sure if it is working to well or not yet. You can also get an Ultrasound of your Thyroid to check for any abnormalities. Synothroid also does NOT help you lose weight. It simply levels out your Hormones which takes a few months of proper dosages, then you can diet and workout on a regular basis to lose weight normally. Well I am not a doctor by any means. I gathered all this info from Various Doctors and online reading. So please don’t take this as my diagnosing your problems. Just simply giving some helpful knowledge.

  13. harjot, my levels are 5.2 also…. i really need advice from someone…
    i am 23 and 2 months ago i was in shape of my life…. running 5 mile a day after work…
    now i cant even stay on my feet more than couple hours…. my legs are in so much pain and feel really weak… i am sick of doctors telling me i have to rest… i sleep good but its such a struggle getting through the day…. please some1 help…..:(


  15. i am 26 years oldand i have 7.03 tsh level in my blood, what should i take the precautions to treat this . please suggest me
    soon. Thanks.

  16. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism was put on meds and the dosage has never been change. For months I have been complaining to every Dr. I can about sever fatigue no one is listening. I take nuvigil 250mgs because I have auto Immune hepatitis but it is in remission I take every kind of vitamin b I can get my hands on. I just had my Tsh Reflex Free T4 done and it was 1.31ulU/ml I take 50mcgs of levothyroxen and like I said the dosage has not changed in ten years. I am about 40lbs over weight I eat once a day and am in bed most of the day not sleeping but with my eyes closed because of physical exhaustion can anyone help me??????????????????

  17. My tsh is 12.24 and i am very worried since its very high! i am taking thyroxine .25mg.

  18. hi,
    i’m 31 yrs and my tsh level is 0.98
    is it normal or not
    is any possibilities to get pregnant with affected hypothyroid
    plz some one answer me


  20. my TSH level is 0.05, previously it was 0.78 so refer me relevant treatment..

  21. muhammad says:

    NORMAL TSH RANGE IS (0.27-4.20)mu/ml
    FT4 NORMAL RANGE IS (12-22)pmol/p

  22. I’ve been taking synthroid for almost 12 years now with my levels going up and down at different times. This week my TSH was well over 100! My Dr. was concerned I wasn’t taking my meds. Could something else be causing my levels to go so crazy at tines? Could there be another underlying issue?

  23. normal ranges:

  24. I have hashimoto’s and if you have this, there should be an underlying cause why your thyroid is being attacked by your system…I went to a naturopath which I highly recommend who discovered I am gluten intolerant & also have bacteria/parasites that can cause additional strain on your system. Please look further into the underlying causes of your thyroid problems rather than just listening only to your doctor. I am improving only because I questioned what could be causing my symptoms…I have TSH now at 2.5 & started at 8…although this will always fluctuate with Hashimoto’s. Everyone with a thyroid issue I believe should also be tested for Celiac disease/gluten intolerance…

  25. Christina says:

    have been always struggling with my weight since my teens. I am 39 years old now. My GP after a check up (T4(ref. 4,5-12,0 ??/dl), T3 86 (60-190 ng/dl) TSH 2,74(0,55 – 4,78 ?IU/ml) ) asked me to have an ultrasound. It showed that my thyroid gland is not smooth, has a tiny lump (4mm). Both my mom and my aunt had thyroid disease. My mom was oparated in order to remove some of the lumps, hence I had my thyroid checked many times in the past. My TSH has fluctuated from 2,2 to 3,7. I have never been told that that was a problem till recently. During my Uni years start excersing and dieting. I lost more that 15 kgrs then. Now after two children I am stuck and although I have been on a 1200 calories diet I cannot loose any weight.
    I have extreem stress, A year ago I was so forgetfull and stressed that I was prescribed cipralex (anti depressants). My libido is non exiestent and I am always ill (flu, stomach, etc) pick up easily what ever children bring back from the kidengarden .
    I excersise fairly regularly now-a-days. But I cannot go on being always ill and overweight (BMI 27,2), it makes me sad, and upsets me even more.
    What should i do??

  26. JoAnn Seifert says:

    my tsh is6.343 ,The Lab states this high, My doctor says this is low m Free t4 is 1.2. I am 76 years olld, and had throid cacer so my throid was removed

  27. JoAnn Seifert says:

    my TSh i 6.343. The lab work says this is high, but my Doctor says this is low My Freet4 is1.2 I had thyroid cancer so my throid was removed . Tell me is this high?

  28. Merissa, I would go back to your thyroid doctor and tell him of any vitamin supplements, coffee, etc or anything new you might have added to your diet as certain foods and some supplements can change your TSH levels. Calcium, Coffee, Iodine should not be taken within 1-2 hrs of taking meds. One thyroid doctor told me not to take my multivitamins within 5 hrs of taking my thyroid meds. Do you take your meds at the same time every day, this could also cause a change in your TSH levels. Is there anything at all that your are doing or ingesting different than you were before, let your doctor know. Also ask your Endocrinologist to for a complete Basic Metabolism blood test, chem profile, and CBC blood tests, possibly an ultrasound of the thyroid gland. IF there is some other underlying cause, these test should give the doctor a better indication of whats going on with your body. Make sure that you don’t skip any medication dose, take your meds at virtually the same time every day.

  29. If your doctor is not listening to your concerns about how you feel, then it may be time to find another doctor. Many thyroid doctors treat according to the numbers and don’t take into consiideration how the patient is feeling. Quite frankly, most thyroid doctors have inadequate knowledge of how to correctly treat thyroid disease. Patient complaints have risen on the web. Many thyroid doctors specialize in diabetes even though they treat thyroid problems. If the Endocrinologist speicializes in Diabetes, and you have thyroid complications, then this is not the doctor for you. Find an Endocrinologist that specializes in treating your specific disease, e.g., Graves, Hashimotos disease. Also think about getting a second opinion. Can’t say much for the thyroid doctors on the ;market today,finding a really knowledgeable one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Good luck!

  30. As for what’s considered normal TSH, most labs give a range between 0.5 to 5.0 or 0.3 to 5.0. Any numbers higher or lower than this range are considered to be Abnormal.

    Anita, your TSH of 7.5 is too high and is out of normal range. You are considered to be Hypothyroid and your body is most likely not producing enough thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormones effect every organ in the body, so to avoid complications later, you should seek out an Endocrinologist or a good Internal Medicine doctor with thyroid knowlege.

    Once again, many Endocrinologist don’t have the common sense to realize or even care that they are treating real patients, not just numbers. Optimal TSH numbers according to the experts is a TSH of 2.0. However, some patients feel better with TSH that below 1.0 and some feel better with a TSH range of 2.0 or slightly higher, either of these ranges are still within whats considered normal range. What these educated idiots need to realize is their concern needs to also be directed at how the patient feels not just numbers on a paper. Personally having TSH numbers below 1.0, I feel too hyper. Also find a reputable official website and check the symptoms for hypo and hyper and see if you have some of the symptoms that are listed. Keep in mind that with any change of Thyroid med dose, it takes the body at least 8 weeks to be fully absorbed into your body and yield more accurate TSH, T4 etc. results. So if you are not feeling well after you start a new dose or your dosage is changed, keep taking the medicine at the same time every day and give it at least 1 to 2 weeks. It took me 3 full weeks before I started feeling better after I was given a new thyroid dose. Have your thyroid bloods checked in between at least every 3 to 4 weeks so see if your numbers are going higher or lower. Make sure your Endocrinologist at the end of 4 weeks takes a complete thyroid blood profile e.g. TSH, Thyroxine, Anti TPO, Free T4 and T3, Thyroglobulin etc.

    Sumi, in response to your question above. There are many doctors who specialize in helping patients with thyroid disease get pregnant and remain in good health. My recommendation would be to check out Mary Shomon’s website: http://thyroid.about.com/cs/doctors/a/topdocs.htm

    For the above website, navigate to the bottom of webpage and click on the state you live in and you will find a host of valuable referral physician info from patients for Endocrinologist, Internal Medicine, Holistic docs etc. who speicalize in thyroid disease and thyroid pregnancy treatment etc. l

    Also check the website below for a host of valuable information on your particular type of disease:

    The only other advice I can offer is to make sure your thyroid physician checks your vitamin D levels. Studies have shown that Hashimotos and other thyroid disease patients many times have low Vitamin D levels and also difficulty absorbing Vitamin D in which Endos with expert knowledge in their field realize Vit. D is really an essential hormone the body needs.

  31. One last thing I would like to say is that if you have any information concerning your thyroid medicine brand, treatment, physician, symptoms, wellness etc. that you feel might be of help please take the time and post it, as you never know what information you have that may be of value to another patient. We are all in this together and have to help each other. Very sad, but the current medical community can never seem to agree on the same page, and sometimes patients can be their own best advocates.

  32. Hi if you looking for cure for hashimoto and hypothyriodism let me know at mitko.hristov@gmail.com becouse im with hashimoto and from the revolutional therapy im doing from 125 mg im now at 25 and soon will be trhown away…but it takes time..more than a year but in the end the results are great

  33. My TSH levels have been < 2.0 (2007), 1.2 (2011), now June 2012 0.93 what gives?

  34. my TSH level is 8.02 please exxplain !!! and my T-4 is 0.56

  35. i had been for a lab test, it revels that the TSH level is 5.98 what does it indicate. please reply

  36. I have gained a weight of 15 kgs in the 9 months. I also had a bleeding for 35 days continuously. I am now taking regestrone tablet and then I had a thyroid check up and got to know that my TSH value is 8 and my T3,T4 values are normal. Is it because of this tablet that my TSH values are reflecting abnormal? should i again get a blood test done after stopping this medicine. I also have a severe swelling in my complete body. If i apply any pressure on my hands or legs i can see the pitting effect. Doctor has suggested me to start using Estrogen tablet. I want to know if using this Estrogen medicine would increase my body weight or decrease my body weight.

  37. i am 17 years old. i had normal menses for 5 years.but suddenly from last 2 years i rarely get my menses and my thighs are fat compared to. my throid tests indicate
    T3 102 ng/dL T4 6.29 ug/dL WHICH R NORMAL
    BUT TSH 13.78 ulU/mL is very high. my gynacologist gave me thyronorm(75mg). also ultrasound shows i have follicles in both my ovaries and i have PCOD. Will i get normal in 2 months or i have to take medicines life long.?? can homeopathy cure thyroid permanently???

  38. Chingisha says:

    My T3 is 124.76, T4 is 4/60 & TSH is 10.10 . I am a diabetic and my blood sugar level is 97.6 & 132.7 Fasting & PP respectively. Kindly advice. My weight is now 80 Kgs. and My age is 57 yrs. Please suggest dos & donts.

  39. My TSH level is 2.4 is it normal

  40. deepak punjabi says:

    i am diadetic since 20 yrs i also having gout,high blood pressure .,since 18 month ihave a kidney transplant i am doing my regular checkups currently my creatine level is 1.0 but my TSH level is 13 and pottassium is 5.8 .iwant to ask is there will be any change in my kidney function in future DO SUGGEST .As my weight is also increase

  41. Vinod Singal says:

    My FT3 is 4.03 pmol
    FT4 14.29 pmol
    TSH 4.40 uIU/mL

    What does it indicate normal high / low
    Need to consult a doctor ???
    Pls reply…….

  42. Christan says:

    Due to a vehicle accident, 1997, I have felt w/HYPOthyroid. April of 2011, I received results of my 1/4ly blood work & 1st time since 1997 my level was “perfect”, I had become pregnant…no longer am I, blood work results came back this morning…NOW I am HYPER…too HIGH.
    What could be going on…medically?

  43. (T3) -11
    (T4) -<0.3

  44. i am 22 year old and my tsh 1.42 pls explain me……..

  45. Guys please read some of the posts above as you might find some of the responses you are seeking..

    Response to Priya, the TSH numbers you posted from your dad’s blood look way too high. Sounds like he could have Hypothyroidism and you need to seek out an Endocrinologist for your dad to get treated.

    Vonod Singal, it depends on your labs reference range of whats normal. my lab has a reference range of 0.5 to 4.50, so a TSH of 4.0 even though still within normal range, might still be a bit too high as it appears the ideal range according to some experts is a TSH around 2.0.

  46. Listen, The normal reference range for Thyroid Profile Blood Test depends on which Blood Lab you are using. I have used 2 different labs depending on which one I could get to before closing.
    Lab A – Nml Ref. Range for TSH – 0.400 – 4.60
    Lab B – Nml Ref. RAnge for TSH – 0.4 – 5.0

    For the labs I use, Anything outside of these ranges would be considered abnormal.

    Endocrinilogist usually will order a complete Thyroid Profile which includes TSH, T3, T4, Free T4 etc.

    A good Endocrinologist will listen to how their patients are feeling.

    Many Thyroid patients have weight gain issues. My advice would be to consult a good Nutritionist as I hear they can help patients lose the weight gain. Consult your doctor of course.

    Check the Endocrinology website or other reputable websites to see if you have any of the symtoms of :
    Hypothyroidism: Sluggish, Tired, Dry skin, hair etc.
    Hyperthyroidism: Fast ht rate, fast pulse, jittery, restlessness difficulty sleeping etc.
    Hashimotos Disease: TSH and thyroid numbers flunctuate up or down.

    There are a host of other symptoms outside of the ones Ilisted that you may be feeling. Please read my post above. Find a good Endocrinologist or Internal Medicine physician for proper diagnosis or treatment. Check with your doctor, see a good nutritionist for other issues such as weight gain etc.

    I have listed some websites below that should be of further help to you guys. Don’t know when I’ll be posting again. Good Luck!

  47. i m having my t3 and t4 normal…..but TSH level quite high i.e. 11.32 supposed range (0.35-5.50).please suggest some relevant measure and doses of levothyroxine that should be taken for present level of need.

  48. HEMANT GAWALE says:



  49. hi,my TSH is 2.62.
    i want to know is it normal or i need to take medicine ?


  51. My level of thyroid is .16 am I high or low?

  52. Hi. I’m 38 and after going for fertility blood tests my doctor said I had Hypothyroidism. Results were TSH 30.49 and Free T4 10.5. I am not overweight and did not notice any symptoms apart from Raynauds, depression and tiredness. I’m now on 50mcg Levothyroxine a day. I did a basal temperature chart the month before I found out about the thyroid and it did indicate that I was ovulating. It looks like I also ovulated this month whilst on the medication. Does this mean that my thyroid problem isn’t the cause of me not getting pregnant? Does Hypothyroidism cause other problems with trying to conceive, or is it just that it may stop ovulation? Should I ask my doctor for other tests in case it’s something else other than my thyroid that’s causing the problem? Many thanks.

  53. My wife’s TSH value is showed greater than 100. Please advise me what step I have to take next?

  54. i have a tsh of 5.1-if left untreated what can i expect?

  55. my tsh level is above 100. what can i do

  56. my tsh 8.37 t3 /t4 r normol my age is 22 sugeest me

  57. My fsh level is 16.4.now what should i do? Reply me plZ

  58. Judy Franzone says:

    my TSH is 0.13 is this high or low

  59. im 42 my thyroid count is 2.9 i dont really understand what this means so i would be great full for some help. thanks

  60. my TSH IS 10.96 AND MY FT4 is . 1.59 can it reduce to normal level?and can it produce problem in pregnancy?plz reply me?

  61. I.m 42yrs .I take 200mg a day without fail .diagnosed as having underactive thyroid since 12 years. In March this yr my TSH was 184 now in October its down to 0.84! how can this happen?

  62. a tsh of 5.5 does this warrant treatment

  63. Can someone help me. I found out in Jan I had a thyroid problem due to heartrate of 140 just relaxing. I have enormous goiters. My thyroid enlarged past my clavicle. My tsh go high and low. Waiting for them to become normal to have it removed for fear that if its not it can drop all hormone and kill me. I got frustrated and stopped taking my.medicine. my hair started falling out so went and got my blood work done like I do every 4 weeks. It is 2.3 which is the best its been ever. Everything I read says it is in normal range. Well now she said it is to high and want it at 1.8. It doesn’t make sense to me. Isn’t it in normal range to remove it????? Please help

  64. Sandy Bearing says:

    My test results are in. I have gained 20 pounds in about 35 months and I stay tired and have itchy dry skin. My doc recommended a thyroid test. I was told that it was all normal. TSH is 0.99
    T4 is 0.79
    T3 is 2.8. Wanted to know if this is normal or is it sluggish

  65. I did investigations today as advice. My TSH is 2.29 uIU/ml and Prolactin 6.14 ng/mL. Are these normal? Should I be worried cuz 3 years since I got married but I was not able to conceive, is there any link to my previous taking of accutane for 8 months.

  66. my tsh is more than 60 please advice to reduce / suggest with remedies

  67. hello my tsh level 0.13
    is this normal or not
    and i have problem to much tired after journy

  68. i have hypothyroidism itake 100mg tab .my tsh is now 5.5, iam very tired .iam asking this tab.is high? can iget reply soon

  69. Just wanting some advice….
    I am 9 months post surgery for Thyroid Cancer (papillary) and I’m struggling to get the correct dose of meds. My Endo who I see every three months says I need to have an undetectable TSH so the cancer doesnt return. A month ago I started a new dose of 100mcg of thyroxine per day… Previously on 150 and ended up in hospital due to mild heart failure, heat intolerance, blurred vision etc.

    My latest labs are
    TSH 0.03 ref range 0.50-4.0
    Ft3 4.8 ref 3.5-6.5
    Ft4 20.3 ref 10.0-19

    2months ago my TSH was <0.002 and feeling horrible, it's come up Abit now but my Endo said she will most likely up the meds again to suppress it.

    Any thoughts??

  70. My test results is TSH 8.06
    A year ago I have had radioactive iodine, but is seems it doesn’t help me much. I sill have arterial fibrillation. Sometime for about 16 hours.
    I am 60 years old.

  71. My TSH is 4.75 ,T3-90.11 and T4-6.37 Please advise me what to do.

  72. Deepa Rajan says:

    My test report indicates TSH – 14.92, T3 – 2.14, T4 – 84.47
    I am aged 37 years. Pl advice me on my next step.

  73. tsh 11.3 after 1 mnth tsh 0/089 tab thyroxine 100 wat thyroid for me is it curable

  74. My TSH is 15.61 Mic/ml & T4 & T3 is normal, so what is the seviarity ? Wht should be TSH ? what is the best meidicine it will come done on quickly.

  75. i had viral gastroenterritis after which the GP diagnosed i had hypothyroidism,my TSH level is 9.11.I am on 100microgram of thyroxine,do i have to be on the medication for life?

  76. Hi guys, i had gotten the results for my blood work yesterday.
    When i had the blood work sheet it had everything checked off to check EVERYTHING. Complete physical if you may.

    But i have extremely bad anxiety. When i was first diagnosed with it (2 years ago) i had gotten blood work done then and my family doctor never called me back in to review the sheet.
    THIS year, last week i gotten the blood work done for everything. The test brought up that i have a TSH level of 6.0 or more. It wasn’t specified when the walk in doctor i saw was telling me the results. He just told me 6.0 and told me it was a borderline TSH level and wanted me to get a Ultrasound and blah blah.

    Could someone tell me if that level is BAD?
    Send me an email or reply to this today Please my anxiety is killing me :(


  77. I have read so many comments on the levels of tsh but none of them specify the units….i would appreciate if people do specify the correct unit of measurements…thnx

  78. Hi, My TSH level is 10.11 UIU/ML. I’m getting married next month. Doctor said that i have mild Hypothyroidism and suggested to take Thyroxine Sodium Tablets IP 50mcg and also said that if i fail to tale tablets everyday, i’ll get a mentally retarded child. I’m so scared, please suggest whether this can be cured permanently and does this affect child’s birth.

  79. my tsh is 2.95 is it safe for pregnancy or should i go for another test or treatment .urgent reply my age is 24 years

  80. i m 25 years old,my TSH level 12.5 ,i m now on 50mcg Thyronorm tablets for every day,can it produce problem in pregnancy,its most one of the problem in pregnancy,whts food amd diates control,pls advice me,pls replay.


  81. my wife ,s tsh level is 5.8 and normal values are between 0.5 to 5 so what should i do? go for treatment or not?

  82. My T4 is 11.2 please help me out for medicine

  83. sweta kumari says:

    my tsh is 10.59 and i am 33 years t3 and t4 are normal .what precaution i should take and what are the problems occur in future.

  84. My ths is 14. I’ keep getting sick as if my immune system is low. I have gained 30 lbs in a year since I had my thyroid out bc of a benign nodule that was large. I am now on 150 synthroid medicine. Will this make a difference in my energy level etc?

  85. I am 30 yrs woman and my tsh is 4.62 IS it normal or I have to visit doctor

  86. my tsh level is 2.25..technique used clia advia centura cp fully automated immunoassay analyser

  87. i am shashirao 52 female My T3 is95.55 ng/dl T4 8.18 TSH 5.773 please advise me wat to do

  88. PRAVIJA V P says:

    my TSH level is 2.59. Iam in 28 old. please advise me what to do

  89. hi iam 26 years olde recentely i got married befor four months back before marriage i go for the test the doctor said you have 3.3 thyriod please give me best suggestion what i do thanks,

  90. My wife’s TSH is 5.08, T3-0.90 & T4-10.3 as per recent Lab. report. Please advise me is it need medicatio

  91. My TSH level is 11.30 my dr told me its on low side I take synthroid 0.125MG any advices plz bc I m trying for the baby too

  92. Hai….i hv hypothyroidism problem and the levels of tsh ls 6.29 uLU/ml….so, right now am not taking any medicine . Plz suggest me best diet plan for hypothyroidism….

  93. I have been taking Levothyroxine for over 20 years at 100MCG. Since Jan 1st, bc of expense I cut it in half . I had labs done on1-25-13 which resulted in my TSH levels at .33. Doc said he wanted to test TSH again in March.I did and those results were the 26.93. My labs came back today with my TSH at 26.93 My IM doc wants me to be seen by a specialist. Can’t i just go back to 100MCG and it will be ok? I cannot afford to see a specialist. Thoughts?

  94. Hi, my wife’s TSH is 56.5, T3 and T4 are under normal range. Her age is 27 years and pregnant from 6 weeks. Doctor suggests a medicine a medicine (thyroxine sodium tablets)for a month.
    Pls suggest…..

  95. my eyebrows are falling out, hair thinning, singing voice disappearing,chronic fatigue, sensitivity, infection,, depression, brittle nails, chilled or over heated, mostly cold, chronic migraines, my thyroid test was 1.82 the kaiser Dr. says its normal test.

  96. My TSH is 9.1 uIU/mL, T3 1.2 ng/mL and T4 8.9 ug /dL. My age is 50 years. Pls interpret these results as well as let me know if I need treatment or further investigations.

  97. srinivasa says:

    My TSH is 5.72, I have BP in average 130/90. Using Medical every day for BP control. Should i worry about TST 5.72? In Reports it is showing 0.35-5.5 is normal.

  98. my tsh is 0.1 t3is111 t4 11.6 doctor has chg my thyronorm tables from 100 to 50 for 3 months 6 months before my tsh was 23.34 pl suggest

  99. hi

    Iam 25 years old and frequently i went for thyroid test and the results are T3=2.19,T4=15.22,TSH=0.03. My doctor told there is know problem but am really worried becaause am not becoming pregnant.
    Please let me know do i have any problem is this stooping me to become pregnant.

  100. Varinder says:

    We noticed that no body is replying ,plz suggest us what to do if TSH is 3.50 ,is there any medicine required or not???

  101. You symptoms describe my wife exactly. Do you practice near Dallas or know anyone with the same knowledge and philosophy as you that is around Dallas, TX?

  102. my t3 is 103.98,t4 is 5.80,tsh is 15.61,fsh is 6.38,lh is 5.34,prolactin is 20.59,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plus i have polycystic ovaries,pls advice i wanna conceive

  103. so many questions but no replies..i have hypothyroid since the last 4 years,heredity on my mothers side,after being diagnosed i have been taking with my doctors advice-100mg elthroxin tablets,there has been a good improvement in my health ,loosing weight is difficult but a better diet,oiling my hair and trying to organise myself more,get more sleep,drinking more water and walking have helped me overall aswell.the latest medical statements r that uptil 3 is the max for knowing if u have thyroid,some say 4 some say 5,i was 8 and had many of the symptoms.i think its different how the thyroid will affect everyone,i think u can feel safe uptil 4 but regular 3 monthly checkups and taking the meds properly r vital,the tab should be taken at the same time daily and with an empty stomach at least half an hour before n after,no other meds or vitamins should be taken at least 2-3 hours befre or after,reaaly does affect the strength of the tablet.well i hope this has been helpful,im justv talking out of experience,good luck to u all

  104. I have the classic symptoms of under activity. Feel rubbish all the time. Put on loads of weight in the last two years. Tests always come back normal. TSH 1.6. Tested last week.
    Eyebrows disappearing. No energy or motivation to do much other than go to work (necessary).
    Where should I go next? I’m going to ask for a trial of thyroxine.

  105. my wife 26 years old and has tsh value 7.88 what can i do

  106. nadine elliott says:

    please help my doctor say my thyroid is ok my t4 is 14 and my tsh is 1.9. i have all of the symptoms of a low thyroid what should I do. im so fed up and deprested about it, i am acking all the times tired weight gain is really bad, and i’ve got no sex drive witch is killing my relationship. HELP ME PLEASE! I have made another doctor apointment next week, but I know they will send me away with a flea in my ear

  107. I am 40 years my TSH is 1.53 Is it normal or not?

  108. Kaitlin ANSWERS says:

    TSH SHOULD BE .4-2.0 below .4 is hyperthryiod above 2.0 is hypo come this helps

  109. Kaitlin ANSWERS says:

    if your thryiod is too low it can grow and collaps your throat like it did to my mom…if its too high (hyper) you can have heart problems and ruin your heart as well as mental stress of anxiety and depression my suggestion if your way below or way high GET ON MEDS! if not around .7-2.0 just leave it alone and exercise…yoga helps stimulate thryiod if your hypo and if your hyper reduce stress and lower heart rate

  110. my test was 0.952 uiu/mi 1.21ng/di they say it is normal i still am takeing pills i dont feal normal my gum in a mputh is red and hurting now thank you sandy

  111. THS is 8.10 T4 is 8.24 T3 is 1.52

    kindly advise how much mg table I can take

  112. ths is 8.10
    t4 is 8.52
    is it normal kindly suggest

  113. My THS is 3.45?IU/mL. Is that bad? Coz this blog says its suppose to be under 2.0.

  114. my t3 is 128.7ng/dL
    t4 is 5.78ug/dL
    tsh is 3.45

    is that normal?

  115. my tsh is 7.38 and i am 33 years .what precaution i should take and what are the problems occur in future.

  116. my tsh level is 6.62.
    and the t4 level is at 6.70. t3 level is unknown.
    i am taking thyroxine sodium tablets 0.25 mg everyday.i am also having irregular menses between 30-45 days everytime
    this is my initial stage of getting this report .plz tell me the normal tsh ,t3 ,and t4 level .
    and suggest me the best diet for curing it.

  117. TSH 1.58
    Am I a thyroid patient ??

  118. My TSHis 0.09 is the high?

  119. i have tested my tsh 0n march 13 2014 it showed tsh level to be 8.06 ,then doctoe suggested me to take 100mg eltrocin tablet i am taking it .but now i am notting getting my periods is their any chance of getting pregant during tsh level is high

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