What To Do With A Cold Sore in the Nose?

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Nobody would want to experience having a cold sore in the nose—let alone a cold sore in any part of the body, especially in the face. What makes cold sore in the nose so annoying is that apart from the pain it may cause you, cold sores can also be very disgraceful to the sight. What if you have a big meeting with the bosses and you have to face a pool of big wigs? What if you’re having a date with your fiancée and there’s no way you can back out? Definitely, getting a cold sore on the nose treatment is very important.

Cold sores are caused by the type I Herpes Simplex Virus. This virus is also responsible for causing other herpes infections in the oral and facial areas, as well as areas above the waist. The other type of Herpes virus is Herpes Simplex Type II virus—the one responsible for causing infections in the urino-genitary areas. The tricky part of getting a Herpes infection, either type I or type II is that it may stay inside our system inactively and lie dormant. At any point in time, this herpes infection can reactivate and cause another outbreak. Thus, a cold sore in the nose may recur time and again, even in other areas apart from the nose.

Getting a cold sore treatment can come in various approaches. Here are some easy ways by which you can cure and avoid the occurrence of cold sore in the nose:

Cold sore is a socially discouraging condition and it can lower one’s self esteem due to body image issues. Avoid the consequences of this condition by making sure you observe the aforementioned treatments and preventive methods.

Cold sore on the nose treatments may vary and natural treatments or remedies are encouraged in order to prevent the spread of these sores and avoid them from recurring. Making use of natural remedies will avoid incurring additional expenses and will not require to leave the house just to go the nearest pharmacy.


Avoid foods that are rich in arginine like cola, chocolates, peas, cereals and grains. These foods are known to intensify the inflammation and pain related to cold sores. Instead of these foods, taking Lysine rich foods will hasten the recovery of these cold sores. Examples of lysine rich foods are milk and other dairy products.

Cleaning affected area with warm water and mild soap is important in keeping the area clean and free from any infectious organisms. Further infestation of bacteria will lead to delay in the healing of your cold sore in the nose.

Avoid irritating foods like spices, hot foods, etc because these foods will aggravate pain and inflammation. Also, making sure you avoid contact or touching the affected area will promote timely healing and prevent further inflammation.

No one would ever want to have a cold sore in the nose. Making sure you follow these cold sore remedies can help you a lot in steering away from this condition.




  1. If my nose looked like that I would have to consider using one of the anti-viral medications they have. If you have outbreaks like that more than just occassionally, you might want to talk to your doctor about using the meds daily: suppression therapy.

  2. This article is totally useless. It dwells on the persons physical appearance rather than the treatment of the cold sore. No treatments are suggested other than what not to eat. How does that help heal the cold sore?

  3. A Hamill says:

    whoever wrote this article uneducated in this field and most of what they discussed is ‘pseudo science’. Viral infections cannot be influenced by washing with soap and water, you are more likely to irritate the area, even if it were possible to wash up your nose. The food quoted that influence inflammation and healing is utter rubbish, without the inflammatory process the body would not heal itself. All in all head to your local pharmacy, pay the £4-5 for some ACICLOVIR, which has proven effective over hundreds of studies in the last 20 years, to reduce your symptoms by days and damage the virus within your cells.

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