When is time to consult a sexologist

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If you have problems in the bedroom, the solution can be found in sexologist’s cabinet. A recent study found that treatment for sexual problems was effective for prostate cancer survivors suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Researchers found that men who consulted a sex therapist for 12 months (online or in person), reported improvement in sexual function and satisfaction, while men who did not attend any type of therapy have not noticed any improvement.


1. Overview
2. Therapy for sexual problems
3. When you need help from a sexologist?

Therapy for sexual problems

Therapy for sexual problems is recommended only for people who have been treated for cancer. Before Viagra’s debut, sex therapy was the treatment of choice for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido.

Therapy for sexual problems involves a meeting with a qualified counselor, who will discuss with affected people, about their sex lives. Therapist or sexologist will provide information but also exercises at home to relieve and treat sexual problems.

Sex is a taboo subject, most people do not know much about sexual difficulties, what is normal or not. Exchange of information during a therapy session can change the lives of people.

Consult a sex therapist is a treatment option for those suffering from low libido, pain during sexual activity, problems getting or maintaining an erection or face other problems in private.

When you need help from a sexologist?

Here are some signs that would be appropriate to seek a specialist:

- The problem persists – Of course, each person may have difficulties in privacy after a long night at the bar, but if a man ejaculation disorders or difficulty maintaining an erection persists for more than two weeks, it could be about a deeper problem such as stress or fear that he isn’t normal.

- Sexual problems negatively affect the relationship – If sexual problems entail divergent in couples, it is time for a specialist. When problems arise in the sphere of sex or lack of sexual activity could cause nervousness and even endless discussions about children or invoices.

The therapist can help you identify areas of your relationship that might cause dissension and provide clues to how you can work on them.

- Do you feel ashamed or guilty – increased volume of information surrounding pornography and sex addiction could put into question your own sexual habits. Chances are not suffering from any addiction, but if you feel guilty about what you feel or do, you should try to talk to a professional to help you discover the cause.

- Sexual activity is painful – Stress in the bedroom may be the result of painful intercourse usually caused by medications or other health problems. Therapists can give advice on sexual positions more comfortable and beneficial for you. He will provide information on various relaxation techniques.



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