When reading glasses are necessary?

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1. Overview

Vision problems, whether minor, can cause headaches, eye pain, difficulty concentrating or difficulty in maintaining a high level of concentration while reading. If a person has any of these symptoms, he should go to a doctor to consult his eye after which he can determine whether or not the inconvenience are due to eye problems and, if the glasses prescription is necessary.


1. Overview
2. Conditions that require glasses wearing
3. When reading glasses are necessary?

2. Conditions that require glasses wearing

Glasses may be required in any of the following conditions:
- Myopia – Where difficulties arise in distant vision
- Hyperopia – when there are problems with near vision
- Presbyopia – when a person cannot focus on near objects, more because of aging
- Astigmatism – refers to the situation when the view is distorted, blurred and imprecise, at any distance.

It is easy for a person to feel frustrated when sight is not so good. This happens with many people over 40 years, and reading glasses often solve the problem.

They should not be confused with eyeglasses which are worn constantly, being needed to perform daily tasks. Effort to see without glasses may strain eyes and vision may deteriorate. Reading glasses will minimize potential complications.

3. When reading glasses are necessary?

If the offered answer to one or more of these questions is affirmative, you should make an appointment to ophthalmologist:
- Do you have headaches or eye during reading, lasting more than a few minutes?
- Difficulty in threading a needle?
- Make efforts to read a magazine or a book?
- Keep the books close than an arm’s length, when you have to read?
- Do you make effort to read text on the screen?
- Do you move closer to the computer screen to see better?
- Are you older than 40’s?

These are just some of the questions raised by an ophthalmologist before recommend reading glasses. Not every person aged over 40 will need reading glasses, but most are diagnosed with presbyopia.

Presbyopia is not a disease but a natural state resulting from the natural process of the body and eyes aging. It is painless and develops slowly during a long period of time.

When presbyopia occurs, the lens begins to lose elasticity and diminish the eye’s natural ability to focus on small objects, which causes blurred vision, when the objects are watched from close.

If you believe that you need reading glasses, make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. It is important to ensure that there are no other vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.

If the specialist believes that none of these conditions is present, it will buy eyeglasses according to medical prescription.

If a person already wears corrective lenses, the doctor may recommend bifocals or trifocals progressive lens. The distance glasses or those used for computer protection could be an option for those who work daily in front of the computer.



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