When to Hire a Lactation Consultant

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Some women are lucky enough to synch in with breastfeeding right off the bat with their infant. For other women, the not-so-lucky-ones, it can take months to develop the right latch and to work together to learn the positions, timing and cues that can help to establish a successful breastfeeding relationship.

For the women that need to work at developing this breastfeeding relationship, there are many pillars of the community that can lend their support to the mother, to allow the mother to find the information and assistance that is needed to get on the right track when it comes to breastfeeding.

A lactation consultant is one of these members of the community that can provide assistance to mothers that are struggling with breastfeeding. When it comes to making the decision to hire a lactation consultant there are many aspects that should be considered.

Here are some of the cues that can establish whether hiring a lactation consultant is the best choice for your situation:

  • The baby is unable to develop a good latch on to the nipple or the breast after repeated attempts and the mother is unsure of which methods to try and achieve the proper latch
  • The baby is tongue tied or has a similar condition that is going to adversely affect the breastfeeding that is taking place
  • The mother suffers from inverted nipples, has had breast surgery or has another reason that the breastfeeding relationship may be difficult to manage
  • The mother is unsure of whether the baby is getting enough milk through the feedings that are taking place and has questions about the feeding process

The services of a lactation consultant can be found through every community and city. Organizations like La Leche League, Public health organizations and even the local pediatrician’s office will often have information that can help the mother to find the support that is needed in the community. An appointment with a lactation consultant can be scheduled and the mother can have learn the techniques to propel a successful breastfeeding relationship.

Scheduling a visit with a lactation consultant can be a great way to find the advice that is going to be beneficial to the new mother. There are two ways that the support can be obtained from the lactation consultant; the consultant can come to the home or the new mother can schedule a time to visit the office of the lactation consultant.

Attending local new mother meetings or meetings for members of the La Leche League can be another great way to get the advice and support needed for new mothers. These meetings are directed by La Leche League Leaders that are willing to answer questions and address concerns, as well as provide demonstrations and information for the mothers that are attending the meetings.

Learning about the local meetings and lactation consultants can help the new mother to learn the skills of breastfeeding that are needed in order to excel, as a new mother.



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