WHO – Dementia Cases to Augment by 2030

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The recent report which was released by WHO estimates that the present expense of caring for and treating the condition of Alzheimer was $604 billion every year. Dementia results by numerous of brain illness which also influences the memory, personality, thinking and the capability to execute daily tasks. Alzheimer’s disease is a very common result of dementia and makes up around 70% of the cases.

Inadequately trained healthcare workers:

The research report submitted that far more effectual diagnosis was required, since even the high income nations were able to recognize just 20-50% of the dementia cases.  As we acknowledge the occurrence of the disease shall explode in this century and we all can live longer – the threat of dementia is 1 in 8 for the individuals above the age of 65 years – its effect will turn out to be greater as the years pass. We need to enhance our capacity to diagnose dementia as early as we can so that required health and social care can be provided. Lot can be done to reduce the weight of dementia. The health care workers are frequently not properly trained how to recognize dementia.

Lack of information about dementia:

Just 8 nations all across the world – South Korea, Netherlands, Britain, Australia, Denmark, Japan, France and Norway – presently have national programmes so that awareness and education about dementia can be spread. Sweden and Germany have set out the lists of suggestions. The research also highlights that normal lack of information and realizing about the disease, results in individuals delaying the support. In the report submitted by W.H.O, it is suggested that the officers should seek to reduce the stigma which has been long linked with dementia and enhance the general care for the patients.



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