Whooping cough hits Texas badly

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Various states like Texas have shown an increase in cases of whooping cough. The local health departments and the Texas Department of Health are now focusing on safeguarding the infants as they battle hard to survive from whooping cough problem. Whooping cough is also known as pertussis and is spreading fast in various states. The health officials are thus asking Texas people to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

Even the health officials in California have announced whooping cough as an epidemic in state with about 6,200 probable and confirmed cases along with deaths of various infants.

The statistics of health department show that the number of Texas whooping cough cases has increased by 60 percent since the year 2008. Various investigators from health department are also monitoring cases. The whooping cough cases in Texas are 1,783 so far. On the other hand, Florida reports to have 145 cases. Also, in Michigan, this number is 610.

9 out of 10 infants who have lost their lives were too young to get the vaccination for whooping cough. 6 weeks old in San Diego County served to be the latest victim of this whooping cough. The earlier record was made in 1955 when 4,949 cases were reported of whooping cough.

The biggest rise in infection is seen in Central Texas that has more cases reported in north Texas’s Tarrant County. But Dallas County has not yet reported any rise in the cases of whopping cough. So it is recommended that you get your loved ones vaccinated at the earliest.




  1. This is a nasty disease. Our professor showed us clips of kids with whooping cough, and the sound is excruciating.

  2. Wow, had no idea whooping cough was such a serious condition. Is this an America-only term? I live in the UK and I’ve yet to come across it.

    I read the other day that studies have shown the ancient Egyptians never suffered from cancer – it’s a consequence of modern life.

    This looks to be the same…

  3. Whooping cough comes from unhealthy, unvaccinated, illegal immigrants that are concentrated down in the central part of Texas. They come here with all sorts of diseases that we don’t have a reason to really fear because it wasn’t prevalent and we had something called “herd immunity”, a concept in epidemiology. Now with in influx of unhealthy people that don’t go to doctors because they are criminals, we have a lot less people immunized in proportion to our population.

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