Why Do I Have Hyperglycemia?

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You have diabetes—it might seem the like the end of the world for you but one thing you have to understand about Diabetes is that it is a highly manageable condition. True—that diabetes can lead to many complications like loss of limbs and body parts, heart diseases, kidney diseases, blindness and the likes but with proper management, a person with diabetes can live a normal and healthy lifestyle.

DM is basically a metabolic disorder, more specifically a problem metabolizing glucose, the simplest form of sugar taken up by the cells. In a normal person, blood glucose levels are maintained at a healthy level because the cells continuously take them up. That is not true for people with DM as they lack a certain hormone called insulin which is necessary to proceed with glucose metabolism inside the cells.

The fact that you have diabetes means that at one point in your life, you have been experiencing hyperglycemia—a predisposing factor to developing DM. The thing is—you might not have been aware about it and it went on unmanaged, thus it blew up as Diabetes Mellitus.

Absent Production of Insulin

This is the case of Type I Diabetes Mellitus and is one of the most common types of hyperglycemia causes. As mentioned earlier on, insulin is highly required for the glucose to enter the cells for metabolism. With no insulin at all—glucose will never enter the cells. This is the reason why blood sugar level rises. An absence in the production of insulin may be due to a problem in the Islets of the Langerhans, the structure inside the pancreas responsible for insulin production.

Decreased Insulin Production

This is the common cause of hyperglycemia in people with Type II Diabetes Mellitus. It may be due to a damage in the pancreatic islets which inhibits the production of an adequate amount of insulin. As treatment, oral hypoglycemic agents, a minimum amount of insulin, diet and exercise is generally recommended for patients with these hyperglycemia causes.

Failure to Follow Dietary and Medication Regimen

In a person with hyperglycemia or diabetes mellitus, registering a high blood sugar level could happen by simply failing to eat the recommended amounts of foods, especially those high in sugar. Similarly, if a person also fails to take the prescribed drugs or misses an insulin shot—hyperglycemia may also occur.

Physical and Emotional Stress

When we feel so stressed out, one of the responses of our body is to increase the amount of blood sugar level in order to get us ready in the event that we need extra boost of energy. This is what we call the “fight or flight response”. When exposed to too much stress—our body may get used to too much amount of sugar in the body leading to hyperglycemia.

There are different hyperglycemia causes which you have to understand and knowing what these are can make you gain more knowledge and insights about what disease struck you, how it can be managed and how you can let other people, especially your relatives avoid this condition.



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