Why is skin hydration important?

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Health, skin firmness and brightness are closely related to skin hydration. This is explained by the fact that water helps transport nutrients to cells, to waste disposal and thus help maintain skin health and beauty.

Proper water intake by cells involves, first, to drink water regularly, without waiting for thirst. But remember that the skin hydrated is not only need liquid, but also need other substances that the body synthesizes, or that you can give to your body in order to help him.


1. Overview
2. Extends life of collagen
3. Rejuvenates the skin with hyaluronic acid
4. Maintains healthy skin

Extends life of collagen fibers

Ensure proper hydration to maintain suppleness of collagen fibers. These are fibers that provide elasticity, but because they are constantly subject to expansion, like a rubber band, they break down over time. So it comes to loss of skin firmness and the appearance of wrinkles getting deeper. However, the phenomenon may be delayed by proper hydration.

The collagen fibers are stronger and they will have a longer life if they properly lubricated and fed through an optimal intake of water in the tissue in question. This is possible only if your body has a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid, a substance that keeps water in tissues, not just the usual hydration with liquid.

Rejuvenates the skin with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is present in most body tissues, but we can find it in high concentrations in skin and at the joint. Approximately 50% of the entire amount of hyaluronic acid in the body is located in the skin. Young skin is smooth and bright because it is rich in hyaluronic acid. After 30 years, the amount of hyaluronic acid synthesized by the body decreases, so it loses the firmness.

The reason is that hyaluronic acid retains water in tissues and, thus, maintains cellular hydration and ensures optimum transport of nutrients to cells. Studies show that one molecule of hyaluronic acid in the skin can hold a quantity of water equivalent to its own weight to power in 1000.

Maintains healthy skin

A hydrated skin is healthy skin. Instead, dehydrated skin is so dry that it cracks and this can be really painful and irritated. Such situations favor infections, dermatitis and appearance of skin disorders such as acne. Therefore, dehydrated skin is a less effective barrier important diseases.



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