Why Liver Cancer Occurs Frequently?

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Liver cancer is also termed scientifically as hepatocellular carcinoma. It remains to be one of the most intriguing problems which threatens the lives of normal and healthy individuals. Liver cancer can lead to certain death and it is sometimes also quite difficult to diagnose the exact nature of hepatic carcinoma. This is because the cancer can show signs like abdominal pain, nausea or even jaundice. Such signs have mystified the doctors and scientists for long. However, there has also been a significantly surge of increase in the number of cases of the hepatocellular carcinoma. This suddenly rising trend is a major source of worry for the doctors and even for the regular people.

But as for now, there is some respite from the usual tension surrounding the increase in this form of hepatic cancer. In a revolutionary move for scientific research on liver cancer, the people involved have taken the initiative to associate the existing health problems of specific populaces with the rising trend of the hepatocellular carcinoma. The study has been launched by the Mayo Clinic, who have begun by a formal investigation into the records of the actual cases of illnesses. For such an ambitious scientific research on liver cancer, they have collaborated with the records of the Rochester Epidemiology Project. The study has revealed quite many well-integrated facts and figures about hepatic cancer.

The study discovered some truly extraordinary nuggets of data about the current situation of liver cancer in USA. According to the National Cancer Institute, the figure ofhepatocellular carcinoma in US was a modest 5.1 for a population of 100,000. But the new study has uncovered that hepatic cancer hits an approximate figure of 6.9 per 100,000. This is an alarming revelation. Further supporting this is a detailed and statistical insight into the risk factors for liver cancer. Most of the scientific research on liver cancer has focused mostly on problems like the cirhossis of the liver. But the new study unravels obesity and the Hepatitis C virus as the primary concerns for the population in US.

Obesity would lead to the condition of fatty liver, which is one of the direct causes of hepatic cancer. The doctors and scientists predict that with high levels of obesity among the US population, the trend of fatty liver-induced cancer could go up considerably. Hepatitis C is mainly responsible for causing some severe liver scars, which actually lead to hepatocellular carcinoma. The same has been found related to an equally increasing number of cases in far away Somalia, along with the other virus Hepatitis B. There has been a tremendous influx of Somalis in certain regions of US and this is another risk factor for the increasing cases of liver cancer.



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