Widespread Game Among Teenagers in Texas – Choking

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According to a study of an Institute at Sam Houston State University, it is found that around one out of seven university going students participate in the widespread chocking game. This is a hazardous behavior, where the blood flow intentionally gets cut off to the brain so that it achieves a high. The choking game is popularly called the Pass Out, Fainting game or the Space Monkey game. This game is played either in groups or individually and engages manual choking of others or oneself, by covering the head with a plastic bag or a ligature encircling the neck, hyperventilating or placing heavier objects on their chest to conquer an exhilarated feeling. This increased practice has resulted in many suffocation deaths of teenagers in Texas as well as other parts of the country.

“The study was mainly conducted to ascertain how the students learned the game, who all play the game and in what context,” said Dr. Glen Kercher from Institute of Crime Victims’. He hopes that the study will help the parents, community agencies and schools in warning young students about the hazards that they will face while getting engaged in the game. The research involved survey on 837 students from Texas University. The findings are mentioned below:

  • Around 16% students were reported to have participated in the game and around 72% of students had participated in the game for more than one time.
  • Males were much inclined towards the game than the females.
  • The standard age of students when they initially played the choking game was about 14 years.
  • 90% of the students who were engaged in the game had heard about it from their peers.
  • Most of the students admitted that their friends were nearby when they participated in the game for first time.

Many of the students, who are engaged in this choking game, are unaware that this game can be deadly and is illegal. Although there is growth in the responsiveness of the choking game, it is worth noticing that the parents should be encouraged to talk about this game with their children.

According to a separate report from Psychology Today, “studies report that approximately 25% of children between the ages of 9 and 16 know what the choking game is. The Choking Game is most popular amongst boys. The typical game player is an academically high achieving, well-liked, and athletically involved teen that doesn’t want to do something that’s illegal such as drugs. It’s estimated that 250 to 1000 youth die each year in the US due to the Choking Game. Statistics are difficult to obtain because the death caused by the Choking Game is reported as a suicide.”




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