Winter weight gain will no longer be a problem with these 4 wonderful ideas

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During the cold season a lot of people seem to gain a surplus of weight, mostly due to a routine that installs upon their daily habits, affecting their alimentation and exercising program.

In order to avoid weight changes that can occur during winter, I recommend you some simple tips you can insert daily in your schedule:

1. Do your morning running with a friend. Sometimes you might just want to skip over your morning exercising due to the cold that has installed outside, but this will only make you turn over your whole body schedule. If you have a friend waiting for you in the morning in front of your house, or in the park for running together, than you will no longer give up exercising so easily as the time spend together will pass a lot more pleasant than by being alone.

2. Change your exercising habits. If still you can not bare the thought that you will have to exercise outside during the cold season, than you can move your exercising indoors. There are a lot of gyms and fitness centers that have a lot of space and equipment and can offer you a different kind of training than the one you were used to. Plus, you might find this change quite useful as it will drive routine away for a while.

3. Winter sports can be quite fun and healthy. If you have a skating rink in your city or a snowboarding park then you can go there every week and spend some time with one or more friends. You will help your body maintain its healthy shape and you will also get to relax for a couple of hours that day.

4. Holidays can really add some weight to your body.
This is due to all the parties we go to, places where we eat a lot, not necessarily in a healthy way as we were used to. Food excesses are not quite a great idea if you want to maintain a perfect body weight. The best thing to do at these parties is eat a little bit from everything you like, and enjoy that food you take. If you still feel like eating then just focus on one type of food that you like most. Don’t ruin your holidays thinking only about the fact that you might get some weight in this season. If you try to eat healthy foods, in the right quantity for your body’s needs then there is no need to worry.

The cold season is not the enemy of our body. As long as we try to maintain our healthy habits and avoid getting too lazy when it comes to exercising then the body will not suffer of weight gain at all.




  1. Hi Med Lady:

    My first look at your blog. Look forward to reading more. I like walking as much as anything. And live in Iowa, where winter hits us pretty hard most years. If I can get a mile walk in at a fast pace, even when it’s 10 degrees out, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I also hear that you burn more calories when you’re cold. Agree?

  2. Jason @ Healthy Weight Loss says:

    But then, it is important to ensure that you are not over-eating with junk foods as you are so keen to gain your body weight, which is unhealthy way to increase your body weight with those trans and saturated fat.

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