Woman Runs Two Oceans For Charity

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A woman named Isla Galloway Gaul is ready to work up sweat for a valuable cause in order to raise funds for the Foundation called “Reach for a dream” in the honor of a young man, who died a year ago. Isla shall run the two oceans which is approximately 56 kms on Saturday, 7th April 2012, and is going to raise finance for the foundation in the memory of Dean, whom she knew. She has known Dean and his family since many years and she has herself felt the pain which one goes through on losing someone of their own. She wanted to honor the memory of Dean so she challenged herself to pull out the old running shoes and try to do something which can push her limitations, the 2012 Two Oceans.

She says that the boy was fun loving, caring and naughty who loved playing with friends and family. He lived his each day with passion and excitement. He wanted to help out the sick people through charity so that they could get treatment for their chronic disease and get well soon. He specially wanted to help those who were in need of funds for their treatment, but could not afford. Isla along with dean’s mother expects to raise R100 000 for the kids who are suffering from life threatening diseases, so that their dreams could come true. Dean’s mother feels the association amid Dean’s love of life and how they all can assist the kids so that these children can live with their dreams.

Gaul is requesting general public to help her in the raising of funds so that they can help the sick kids and enable them achieve their dreams.





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