Women Respond to Pain More Deeply than Men

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As per a research conducted by the medical investigators of Stanford University, women are reported to feel more intense pain than men in every category of diseases. These medical investigators excavated enormous collection of electronic medical records to ascertain the wide gender differentiation to an elevated level of statistical significance. The study which got published in the Journal of pain on 23rd January puts forward that stronger efforts ought to be made to hire women subjects in clinic studies and populace to discover the reason behind this gender difference.

In another article of the same topic in DiscoverNews.com, it was concluded that Women feel more pain and have a harder time coping with pain than men do. Also, it has been said that pain management strategies of the future might be more individualized and gender-based.

The study has also shown the level of EMR data mining for investigation purposes. Using new database which was designed especially for this research, the scientists from Stanford scrutinized more than 1,60,000 pain scores submitted for additional 72,000 adult patients. From this, the researchers mined cases where the pain associated with disease was reported first and then stratified these findings by gender and diseases. The medical literature encompasses various reports which indicate that female gender reportedly feels more pain than male gender for any one or particular ailment. Though the researchers were not the first ones to note the difference between men and women on the basis of pain, yet these researchers are the ones who laid emphasis on pain intensity.

The team then selected records of adults and observed for gender concerning differences in pain intensity as submitted on scales of 1-10. Here zero stood for no pain and ten stood for worst pain. 72,000 patients participated and they came with 1,60,000 instances, with 250 various categories of diseases in which pain score was submitted. The study then proved that females were seen with higher pain scores than men. These differences were significant clinically besides statistically. Studies prove that female migraine pains more than male migraine pain. Butt says that studies have made clear that women report more pain than men. It is not only just one disease but a bunch of diseases, in fact it is possible that it may be all diseases. The conclusion is that women feel more intense pain than the pain which men feel.




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