Women with Endometriosis Might Be at Higher Risk for Crohn’s and Colitis

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With the increasing number of diseases that the experts are now seeing among the general population, prevention of the risks and contributory factors for the development of these diseases must be extensive. This can be achieved by conducting thorough studies which will establish links between the major risk factors and the possible development of diseases. In fact, there are already many researches that are tackling associations between the risks of developing a certain disease brought about by the existence of another disease. Recently, another new long-term study tackled about endometriosis being one of the risk factor for the development of ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease – both of which are autoimmune disorders that affects the gastrointestinal tract.

The findings of the new study appeared online in the journal Gut. The study revealed that those women who had endometriosis are facing about 80 per cent of risk of developing ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease.

Endometriosis is a disease which affects the uterus. It occurs when the tissues that are supposed to grow in the uterus grow outside it. This can include growth in the ovaries, bladder, or any where else in the body. Clinical manifestations of the disease include: abdominal pain, infertility, and heavy menstrual periods. The main cause of this disease is unknown. On the other hand, crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are both autoimmune disease of the gastrointestinal tract collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease, where the immune system is attacking the cells of the large intestines. This leads to signs and symptoms of the disease which include frequent soft to watery stools, abdominal pain, and weight loss.

The new study involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from about almost 38,00 Danish women. These study participants were admitted in the hospital because of the diagnosis of endometriosis dated back year 1997 to 2007.  Researchers followed the study participants for about 13 years and they found out that out of these women, about 320 of them have been diagnosed of having inflammatory bowel disease which includes 228 women who had ulcerative colitis, and 92 women who developed Crhon’s disease.

Moreover, the investigators discovered that those women who had endometriosis had 50 per cent increase risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease as compared to other women who do not have endometriosis. In addition, the risk was even higher which is tantamount to about 80 per cent among women who had endometriosis and were verified by the doctors through surgery.




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