Women’s mistakes related to health

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Even women who know a lot about health can make a series of mistakes in this area.

You acknowledge that you have to monitor the amount of saturated fat and eat many vegetables. So usually eat a salad for lunch and dinner (even when your children eat a steak, for example).

Brush your teeth twice a day, but floss you used, perhaps with a couple of weeks ago, you exercise but avoid lifting weights. You had indigestion last month, you probably thought it was about intestinal gases and you have not given importance.

You know you should sleep 8 hours every night but the days are too short for you… is it sounds familiar? These positive habits can affect your overall health status. Here are some of the things you can do wrong and what are ways to improve them.


1. Overview
2. You can always order a salad
3. Music volume in headphones is very high
4. You avoid weighting yourself
5. Neglected to apply sunscreen creams
6. Remember to floss
7. You do not lift weights
8. Ignore the pain and malaise
9. Wear contact lenses without having problems
10. Not enough sleep
11. Prefer to cook healthy at home
12. Drive the car with windows open

You can always order a salad

Be aware that a salad is not always the healthiest choice. The truth is that many prepared salads at the restaurant have many calories.

This is explained very simple: many of them can include fried chicken, croutons, sauces, sodium and other unhealthy nutrients. For example, a salad from a fast food can have even 540 calories and 35 grams of fat, like a hamburger.

Solution: Do not order just any salad found in menu. You can modify it avoiding extra fat ingredients like cream, extra cheese, croutons, fried chicken and other foods high in calories.

Opt for salads containing only lettuce, carrots, red cabbage and other vegetables of this kind. Most restaurants and fast-food restaurants offer nutritional information of their foods, so you can analyze which are the best options.

Music volume in headphones is very high

Experts recommend checking your iPod or MP3′s volume so it does not exceed 60-120 decibels. Constant exposure to noise above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss.

Ask a friend to sit with you while listening to music on headphones. If he can hear music in your headphones, the volume is too high.

Solution: To protect your ears adjust the volume between 10-50%. Some mp3′s let you block sound intensity. You can choose headphones that isolate sound better because background noise to be less charged, and the music be heard better.

You avoid weighting yourself

For some women, the scale is the only object in the house that gathers more dust than the treadmill. Doctors call this usually avoidance behavior. The idea is that if a person doesn’t know how much she weighs, this means that she probably not gained weight and could eat all she wants.

For some people, weighting may be helpful. The trick is to know whether they gained or to be motivated to lose weight. When a person trying to lose or maintain weight may need feedback, and weighing could help her get it. It is important to not become obsessed with weighing.

Solution: If you try to lose weight, weigh yourself every month. Do this morning without your clothes after you used the toilet and had to be recommended during menstruation to make sure that there isn’t any surplus of water in the body.

If you maintain your weight after you have lost some pounds recently, you shouldn’t weigh yourself earlier than a week. If you got in this time about 2 kg, don’t worry because this fluctuation is normal.

Neglected to apply sunscreen creams

It is well known that sunscreen lotions are essential to prevent wrinkles, burns and cancer.

The latest research found that 9 of 10 people do not apply sunscreen correctly. Less than 25% of participants were able to completely cover an area of the body with sunscreen products. Negligence is the main mistake.

Solution: To properly apply sunscreen creams, focus on one area, gently massage the skin and then focused on other areas of your body. Do not forget your ears, their inner part and neck.

Use plenty of cream. You need about 30 grams of cream to cover the entire body. Place the lotion directly on the body and massage it with your fingertips.

Remember to floss

Many people invest a lot of money in teeth whitening but they don’t given five minutes per day using floss. The result: at least 23% of women aged 30-54 years and 44% of those aged over 55 suffer from gum disease (or periodontal disease).

These are serious bacterial infections that attack the tissue surrounding one or more teeth and bones that support them. When periodontal bacteria enter the bloodstream can cause chronic inflammation. Researchers believe that such infections can lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer and even premature birth.

Women should pay particular attention to healthy gums. Flossing is very important because the hormonal changes that occur in women during puberty, pregnancy and menopause affect the occurrence of oral bacteria that accelerate the evolution of gum disease.

Solution: Use dental floss at least once a day. Flossing should become a routine as brushing teeth or showering. Take about 5 centimeters of floss and twist it on your middle fingers from both hands.

Hold a piece of floss, tight between the thumb and forefinger. Guided floss between teeth and use a gentle rubbing motion, avoid to enter suddenly. Rub gently with a side tooth movement up and down. Repeat for each tooth.

You do not lift weights

Some women avoid lifting weights because they think will look like men with muscles. Wrong! Most women have not the genetic capabilities to develop bulky, great muscles. To have this, you need high levels of testosterone, plus many hours per day spent in the gym.

Scientists believe that by using weights, a woman can have beautiful and toned arms or legs. The purpose of these exercises should not be weight loss (although when you begin these exercises you will see that you gained a few pounds, but not to worry: muscle weighs more than fat lost).

Because muscle is denser than fat, you may notice that your clothes are much larger. If you lift weights on a regular basis, you start to lose weight and especially around the belly, fat will disappear (dangerous as it can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes).

Solution: You don’t have to work much time at the gym to lift weights. The benefits of this type of physical activities occur even if it is sustained for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week. Using light weights and repetitive exercises will help increase strength and muscle tone while using weights to help build stronger muscles.

Ignore the pain and malaise

You can’t perform daily activities because you’re upset by a nagging cough, a stabbing in the back or you struggle with indigestion and fatigue becomes your natural state. We must not ignore these symptoms.

If you believe that the culprit of events is just indigestion, you should learn that it could be a heart attack. Although women tend to visit the doctor more often than men and care for family members, they might just forget to take care of themselves.

Research has confirmed that women will ignore the fatigue and pain, symptoms for which they will insist that their partner or child to be investigated by a doctor.

Solution: Try to get information about the symptoms of serious illness, to know your risk factors and make regular screening tests that often can detect many problems in the stages that are minor and treatable.

Wear contact lenses without having problems

It’s nice to wear contact lenses, regardless of weather. We’re struggling with a cold? People who normally wear contact lenses should replace them with glasses.

Eyes do not work as well when a person is sick, and decreased tear production can make contact lens wearers much more likely to develop conjunctivitis. The same situation can be met due to the effects of antihistamines.

Solution: Wear glasses until your health condition improve or wear disposable contact lenses to avoid infection.

Not enough sleep

Busy women reduce hours of sleep with the risk of being less productive the next day and risk their health to be affected. Although there isn’t a rule related to total hours of sleep for a person, experts recommend 7-9 hours for adults. However, most people sleep about 6 hours a night.

As a result of sleep deprivation can occur dizziness, headache, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances – which encourages cells to store excess fat and that affects fat burning.

The latest studies have found that sleep deprivation increases the body’s insulin resistance, a phenomenon that triggers hypertension, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Also, insufficient sleep is a risk factor for traffic accidents.

Solution: Try to complete tasks really important priorities at least for one day – the rest, delay them. Share family responsibilities with your spouse and children.

Set a bedtime for yourself and try to follow every night. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Do not drink alcohol to induce sleep: it can interfere with sleep all night.

Sleep quality may improve if you have the same bedtime relaxing rituals that your children have: music, reading, taking a warm bath.

Prefer to cook healthy at home

Preparing your own meals is usually much healthier than dining at the restaurant, but the cookbook can’t help you lose weight as you think. Beware of a tendency to strictly comply with culinary recipes especially if they contain more calories.

Currently, cookbooks, instructions for preparation of macaroni and cheese, brownie cake, roasting the chicken, even if it involves the same ingredients as for the old recipes, serving measures are higher, so the number of calories increases.

Solution: Try to track how many calories are in one serving and can halve the ingredients when you cook or eat only the recommended amount for you and then freeze leftovers in individual containers so you can eat one serving at a time not two or three.

Drive the car with windows open

Scientists have shown that people who drive the car with the window open are exposed to air pollutants, which can affect lung health.

Solution: During a trip, more so in a polluted area, close car windows and use the car ventilation system.



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