Workers in Hospital ICU’s Perceptions Include Giving of Inappropriate Care

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Health care professionals are the ones who are doing the job in caring for the sick, especially if these sick individuals are really in need of help. For this reason, health care professionals are obliged to undergo series of seminars and trainings in which their skills in giving care will be up dated and hence, proper care will be ensured to be rendered among their clients. However, there are some instances wherein these health professionals are actually having difficulty in rendering the appropriate care for their clients. Reasons behind these problems include multiple factors which can be personal, problems with the job itself, or other things which can hinder the health care professionals to do their best during their duty.

In fact, according to a new study which was published in the December 26 issue of the journal JAMA, it was noted that perceptions of inappropriate care are most common among those individuals who are working in the ICU (Intensive Care Units).

In the new study, the researchers involved the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 1,953 nurses and physicians who are working in the ICU’s of several hospitals in European countries and Israel.  The data gathering included surveys in which about 1,651 clinicians have provided their responses.

Upon the analysis of the responses, researchers noted that about 439 clinicians had reported that they perceived that they are giving inappropriate care to at least 1 patient. Also, the results also identified that about 300 or 25 per cent of the 1,218 nurses who actually finished the questionnaire reported that they perceived giving inappropriate care to their patients. In addition, about 132 doctors or tantamount to 32 per cent of the 407 doctors who are working in the ICU reported same perception of giving inappropriate care.

The researchers defined inappropriate care as giving or rendering care to the patients which are actually counter intuitive to the workers’ belief and practices.

Moreover, the authors of the study write: “perceived inappropriateness of care is common among nurses and physicians in ICUs and is significantly associated with intent to leave the current clinical position, suggesting a major impact on clinician well-being. The main reported reason for perceived inappropriateness of care is a mismatch between the level of care and the expected patient outcome, usually in the direction of perceived excess intensity of care.”





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