Working place and depression

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1. Overview

You cannot figure out why you are uncomfortable, you have a heightened state of sadness or depression lately? The latest research suggests that one of the reasons could be the work. One in five people who work suffers from a mental illness such as depression or anxiety.

Such, workplace productivity will be adversely affected. And the number of employees with signs of depression increased significantly in the last decade.

The main stressor is job insecurity plus the mental health problems suffered by some people. Unfortunately, many employees do not even realize they need treatment. Pressure from work and stressful working environment can determine a person to make suicidal plans.


1. Overview
2. Signs of stress at work

2. Signs of stress at work

Researchers believe that when depression is involved there are three universal signs. Anyone experiencing one or more of these symptoms should contact a doctor.

Lack of pleasure. Depression is easy to detect when a person displays extreme changes or develop an apathetic severe attitude. Other clues might be:
- Lack of interest in sexual activity,
- Loss of appetite,
- Lack of interest in old interesting hobbies,
- Lack of enthusiasm towards work.

Insomnia. When a person is depressed, sleep habits may be adversely affected. It is possible that the person to have problems with sleep at night on a regular basis (insomnia) or to develop hypersomnia (drowsy). Insomnia is when a person fails to sleep more than 2-3 hours each night.

Suicidal thoughts. Emergence of suicidal thoughts or plans morbid represents serious warning signs that a person is depressed. Who reach this point needs counseling or medical treatment. Even if these thoughts occurred only a few times, they are a clear indication that specialized help is needed.

Experts advise that when the first signs of depression arise, before the suicidal thoughts arising, to seek a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Small changes in everyday life, more intense socializing, the support of friends and family and the introducing of relaxing activities can help improve mood in a few weeks.

If, however, does not change anything, even more, the symptoms are clearly observed also by others, it is time to intervene medically. Situation should not be allowed to fester because depression will be more difficult to treat in advanced stages. For treatment may be necessary collaboration between the psychiatrist, psychotherapy and even taking drugs.



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