Xanax vs. Klonopin vs. Ativan

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People suffering from anxiety disorder undergo very traumatic experiences every time they feel tensed and stressed out. Irrational fears and discomforts happen; social isolation may take place—to the point that these people start behaving irrationally and bizarrely. While it is part of our normal day to day experience to feel mild anxiety, we have to avoid this anxiety to turn moderate, severe or even develop into panic anxiety. In this regard, the use of anti-anxiety drugs is indispensable especially to those people whose anxieties are hard to overcome.

Drugs like Xanax, Klonopin and Ativan are three of the most common drugs used in treating anxiety disorders. All three of these drugs are part of the benzodiazepine group of drugs. Xanax (Alprazolam) and Ativan (Lorazepam) are used for anxiety and related disorders while Klonopin (Clonazepam), in addition can be used for seizure disorders. All these drugs take effect on the chemical composition of the brain to stabilize our anxiety and prevent it from becoming a full blown panic attack.

What We Need To Know About Xanax vs. Klonopin vs. Ativan?

Do not take Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin if you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, respiratory difficulties, and a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Also, taking alcohol can increase these drugs potency so make sure you avoid drinking alcohol or other alcohol containing products. Since these drugs calm and relax one’s mind and body, taking another form of drug that can induce sleep is not recommended.

How Xanax vs. Klonopin vs. Ativan Need To Be Taken?

All these drugs are not meant to be used for a long period of time, especially Ativan which can be used only for a maximum of four months. Overuse of these drugs may lead to dependence. However, if you should stop using this medicine, inform your physician. Do not stop using these drugs abruptly as it may lead to signs and symptoms of drug withdrawal. Your physician may taper your dose gradually to make sure your body gets used to lesser amounts of this drug before you completely stop taking the drug.

Side Effects That We Need To Watch Out For

Taking Xanax can lead to the following side effects:

-          Allergic reactions;

-          Frequent mood changes;

-          Trouble sleeping, talking and walking;

-          Unusually tired and weak;

-          Muscle cramps; and

-          Fewer than usual amount of urine outpuy

As for Klonopin, the following side effects may be noticed:

-          Change in vision/ vision disturbances;

-          Allergic reactions;

-          Mood changes;

-          Difficulty with movements;

-          Tremors; and

-          Eye jerks, unusual eye movements.

On the other hand, Ativan can pose the following side effects:

-          Vision changes;

-          Allergic reactions to the drug

-          Feelings of depression, confusion;

-          Frequent mood shifts;

-          Restlessness; and

-          Abnormal weakness and difficulty moving.

Special Precautions When Taking Xanax vs. Klonopin vs. Ativan

All these drugs can cause harm to an unborn child so make sure you inform your physician if you are pregnant or if you are having plans about getting pregnant in the next few weeks or months. However, if you are taking Klonopin for seizure control during pregnancy, do not stop using this drug since the benefits of taking the drug outweighs the harms it may bring about.

Also be mindful in taking drugs especially antidepressants like SSRIs and MAOIs, narcotic medications and other drugs that have a psychiatric effect.



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I have been told to give Klonopin instead of Ativan for a patient dying of lung cancer. I used to crush Ativan with a few drops of water and put it in patient’s mouth. How can I give Konopin to someone who does not swallow? Thanks