Xanax vs Lorazepam

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Xanax and Lorazepam are two of the most common drugs used to treat anxiety and disorders related to failure in overcoming anxiety and pressure. As we all know, anxiety, when unmanaged can start to take over one’s life and can start a ripple effect on problems in all facets of one’s life. It is important to seek medical help when one starts to feel any disruption in one’s activities of daily living due to anxiety. Proper treatment methods may need to be employed to avoid all possible damages that one can experience with moderate, severe to panic anxiety.

What We Need to Know about Xanax vs Lorazepam?

Both Xanax and Lorazepam are drugs used to treat moderate, severe to panic anxiety. Xanax is released under the generic Alprazolam while Lorazepam is a generic name for the drug which is popularly known with brands like Ativan.

There are other conditions where both Xanax and Lorazepam can be used for treatment apart from anxiety and panic attacks.

How Xanax vs Lorazepam Need To Be Taken?

Since both of these drugs are benzodiazepines, they need to be taken in the same manner. One must not take the dose in lesser or greater amounts than what was prescribe. Furthermore, if taking these drugs lead to stomach upset, make sure you take it with food or milk.

If you have used Xanax and Lorazepam for quite some time, do not abruptly stop taking the medication as it may lead to withdrawal signs and symptoms. Your physician will lessen your dose gradually to make sure your body gets used to fewer to no trace of these drugs in your blood stream.

Kids below twelve years old need special consideration when taking this drug. Be sure to consult your kid’s pediatrician for things that you need to watch out for.

Special Precautions When Taking Xanax vs. Lorazepam

Xanax can interact with any of the following medications when taken together:

-          HIV/ AIDS medications;

-          Anti-fungal drugs;

-          Birth Control Pills;

-          Antibiotics;

-          Pain Relief Medications;

-          Drugs used to treat Heart Diseases; and

-          Other forms of antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and anti-convulsants.

For Lorazepam, taking these drugs needs to be consulted with your physician first as these may pose interactions:

-          Downer medications like sleep inducers, barbiturates;

-          Anti-convulsant medications like Phenobarbital, Valproic Acid, etc; and

-          Anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications.

Side Effects That We Need to Watch Out For Xanax vs. Lorazepam

The following side effects may be experienced when taking Xanax:

-          Allergic response like swelling, itchiness and rashes;

-          Problems with reactions, thoughts and thinking;

-          Insomnia;

-          Mood swings;

-          Muscle pains and cramps;

-          General body malaise and tiredness; and

-          Very few amount of urine output.

As for Lorazepam, one might notice any of the following side effects:

-          Vision disturbances;

-          Confusion, problems with thought and focus;

-          Alternating feelings of depression, aggressiveness and excitability;

-          Difficulty moving; and

-          Weak feeling and body malaise.

There are other side effects like nausea and vomiting, drowsiness and either constipation or diarrhea… but these do not require medical attention. Make sure you and your caregiver is familiar with these things to seek medical attention when appropriate.



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