Is A Yearly Mammogram Really Necessary?

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Is a yearly mammogram really necessary ? Some parts of the medical industry seem to be waking up to the dangers of radiation. But some are ignoring common sense. As recently as January, 2010, it has been reported that US doctors are giving mammograms to women who really do not need them. Let´s take a look into the juicy details about mammograms, for your own health.

mammogram screeningNewsweek reports that elderly women who are married and wealthy are more likely to get an unnecessary mammogram. In the United States, doctors are reimbursed a certain amount of money for mammograms. They get a kickback of eighty one dollars from the government for a non-digital mammogram and a whopping one hundred and thirty dollars for a digital one. When you add up the damage from all those doctors giving unnecessary screenings, the cost is twelve million dollars ! This is for health (“sick care” is a better term ) care that is not only not needed, but that can create more damage to the human body.

Incredibly, women are seldom advised of the health risk of getting a yearly mammogram. Health providers argue that the risk of getting cancer is greater if a yearly mammogram is not performed. Knowledgeable doctors tell us that there has yet to be shown any evidence that a mammogram will reduce the incidence of breast cancer. Getting online and doing some studying for yourself is then one of the smartest things you can do for your own health. The United States federal government operates a site on medicine ( ) that states clearly that being exposed to small amounts of radiation over a long time will raise your risk of cancer. It would be hard to be more direct than that. They go on to say that this small amount of radiation can cause your genetic makeup to change, and therefore be passed on to your children after the exposure. Genetic mutations are able to cause birth defects. The Medline Plus site is a service of National Institutes of Health and the US National Library of Medicine.

So, is a yearly mammogram really necessary ? Using common sense, if you have a high family history of breast cancer or some other pressing reason to suspect you may get breast cancer, you should consider getting the alternative to a mammogram. What is an alternative to a mammogram ? A thermogram can do the same job as a mammogram and do so without the danger of exposing the body to radiation. Not only can thermograms do the same job as a mammogram, they can estimate cancer at an earlier stage than the mammogram. This makes the a thermogram a highly superior tool over the mammogram. The thermogram reads the heat emitted from the breast and uses absolutely no radiation to achieve its results.

The question; ” Is a yearly mammogram really necessary ?” was answered clearly this past week. The Amercan College of Physicians stated that a woman´s risk factors and personal preference should determine if she seeks a yearly mammogram before age fifty. Since you just found out that a thermogram is better than a mammogram, that means a mammogram will probably never be needed.

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