You love to sleep? 7 reasons why you should sleep more

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Due to the fact that our body and mind are working intensely many hours a day, rest is needed for a quick battery recharge. It is not enough to eat healthy and exercise three times a week in order to maintain a proper functioning of your organism. Sleep is also needed as it is a physiological process of cell rejuvenation. But have you ever thought that sleeping more could have benefic effects upon you? Here are some arguments that could convince you that sleeping more is great for you:

1. As you might have known, specialists recommend us to sleep at least 8 hours a night. But at least I have never understood why we should do that. The explanations come from Loughborough’s University Sleep Research Centre: it seems that for each hour we loose from those eight of sleeping, one point from of IQ gets lost too. So, it is not the end of the world if you sleep seven ours one night, but imagine the disastrous effects of not sleeping enough time a whole week!

2. More sleep leads to less weight gain. This is certified by some other studies too. So, if you want to maintain your weight or even loose some pounds then go to sleep when you feel tired and try not to loose nights in vane.

3. The sleep is the beauty’s ally. I guess you knew this one. During the hours we sleep our body recharges with energy and the cells, especially the skin cells seem to rejuvenate. This is due to the fact that the reparatory process of the skin is more intense during the sleep. So, if you want a fair skin, without precocious wrinkles and under eye circles you should stick to your sleeping program.

4. The immune system is affected by sleep too. You might have noticed that when you have fever (which is mostly a natural response to an infection in the body), or you have a cold, you want to sleep more and if you do that you recover faster. If you do not get enough sleep your body will get cracks into the immune system and you will expose yourself to all kinds of infections like colds and flu.

5. The lack of sleep can transform you from a cheerful person into an irritable, nervous, impatient person. This will not only affect you, but will affect your family and friends too. Not to mention your work performances. You don’t want to become unbearable, do you?

6. Sleep is a great stress manager. Not only does your body relax and recharge during the sleeping hours, but also your stress hormones drop to a minimum level. Plus, if you wake up refreshed you will have more energy and ideas for solving out the daily problems.

7. Memory and sleep. Haven’t you noticed when you were in school and you read only once a lesson before bed time that you would have known it by heart in the morning? This is due to memory consolidation that takes place only while sleeping. So, if you want your child to learn easier you must put him to bed before midnight so that he can get enough sleep till the next day.




  1. I really didn’t know about it…..does sleeping helps…WOW..!!!

  2. wow sleeping is great getting more :)

  3. supermanaaaan says:

    sleeping is amazing i cant believe it helps you study

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