Young Teens’ Habits, Influenced by Movies

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Young teenagers who watched a number of movies that featured alcohol are 2 times probable to start the consumption of alcohol when evaluated to peers who watched less of such movies, revealed a study which was published in an online periodical BMJ Open. These teenagers are prominently more probable to develop in overindulgence of drinking, the study has proved. The results motivated the researchers to recommend that Hollywood industry should accept the similar limitations for the alcohol product placement like it has done for tobacco. They have based their conclusion on a representative sample of approximately 6500 US teenagers amid the age of 10-14, who were daily questioned on their intake of alcohol and probable influential factors for 2 years.

These factors integrated watching movie and advertising, the peer behavior, the home surroundings and the personal disobedience. The teenagers were quizzed who by chance selected 50 movies that they had viewed from amid the top 100 US box office success. The duration of time of on-screen alcohol consumption, together with product placement, was calculated by expert coders. Given the movies that they reported viewing, adolescents had normally seen approximated 4. 5 hours of the screen alcohol intake and most of them had viewed more than 8 hours.

1 out of 10 teenagers said that they possessed branded merchandise like hat or t-shirt with the name of spirit/wine/beer on it. About 4 teens said that their parents consumed alcohol once in every week at home while 29% admitted that they are able to get alcohol at home though they got hold of it secretly. During these two years the percentage of teenagers who started consuming alcohol more, doubled than 11-25%, while the percentage of who started binge drinking increased from 4% to 13%.

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