How Do I Get Pinworm Relief?

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Pinworm infection is a common worm infestation not just among humans but also to animals… but the latter is not our concern. We are more concerned with how this condition will affect the life of an infected person. Pinworm is a type of ‘roundworm’, and along with other types of worms, or helminthes, they tend to live as parasites inside the human intestines. Scientifically known as Enterobius vermicularis, the pinworm infection may also be referred to as enterobiasis and helminthiasis, a more collective term for parasitic worm infection.

Morbidity of Pinworm Infection

Pinworm infection may occur in all age groups, however, as compared with adults, infants and children are more susceptible to developing this parasitic infection. There are several reasons for that—first children tend to put whatever they have inside their mouth, they are also more inclined to eat foods and share it with other people infected with pinworm. This is the reason why this infection is prevalent in school settings, overcrowded locales and poorly sanitized places.

Pinworm can grow fast and will multiply inside the intestines because they feed with the foods that we eat and the nutrients that come with these foods. This can lead to weight loss, malnutrition, and growth retardation, especially among children. In this light, treatment for pinworms should be given a great emphasis.

Medical Treatment for Pinworms

Over the counter treatment for pinworm is available so once you notice your kid or any member of the family who possible suffers from pinworms, be sure to have him or her take anti-parasitic drugs. Albendazole and Mebendazole are two of the most common drug treatments for pinworm infection. These drugs are taken in tablet form and should only be taken in one dosage. These drugs are expected to kill the worms in a span of hours to days, depending on the severity of the pinworm infection.

There are various dosages for adults and children so when buying these drugs, be sure to inform the pharmacy of the age of the person who will take this drug. It is also not impossible for eggs to remain inside the intestines after purging the worms out so to avoid reinfection, the dosage may need to be taken again after three to four weeks.

When a woman is pregnant and possibly suffering from pinworm infection, it is best to consult the gynecologist as it may be dangerous to the pregnancy.

Herbal Treatment for Pinworms

Salt, garlic and papaya seeds are also known to treat parasitic infections. Also, a specific vine fruit found in Asian countries called the Chinese Honeysuckle or Rangoon Creeper is proven to be effective against parasitic infections.

Preventive Treatment for Pinworms

Like any other conditions, it is best to prevent the occurrence of a pinworm infection. Proper hygiene, most especially handwashing, eating and use of personal utensils should be taken into account. Washing clothes, linen, as well as stuffed toys in scalding water is also best in killing eggs which may have come in contact with such items.



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